Sunday, April 21, 2013

Apartment Update

Well I've finally unpacked the three boxes of "kitchen" stuff and some I tossed/recycled and others I washed and put into drawers etc.  Then I dismantled the three plastic towers I had of craft/fabric stuff and rearranged them into four and when Harold has time he'll come over and somehow anchor with elbows my countertop from Margot onto these and VOILA I'll have a proper height cutting table in my sewing room not on my freezer!!!  After that I put together the small 4-tier wood shelving (has funky coloured baskets within) and will maybe use for patterns to have on hand or other sewing stuffs!

This morning Bruce and Angela came over and he switched the ceiling fixtures with my ceiling fans so now I's ready for some spring-like weather to roll in!  While he was doing that Angela helped me out with some furniture ideas and I LOVE them and will be changing my mind in regards to the kitchen table I'll be getting.  And she said once I've got some of these boxes out of the living room she'll come and help me with decorating and showing off my paintings/quilted projects too!  She has such AWESOME taste and I just loved her ideas today!  Now just to find the time to act on her suggestions!  Thank you my friends!

Next it will be Harold coming over to sort out my cutting table, possibly my cork/peg board for the sewing room also and I would like one more shelf added to my storage unit to extend in an "L" so I can put the lighter not used/but have to be kept stuff to up there and leave the other shelf for in/out stuff.

Yep if I continue doing some here and there I'll soon have my apartment functional and then to buy the easy chair and kitchen table/chairs and who knows maybe a loveseat too. That would be just awesome!!!

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Laurie said...

Sounds great Rose Anne, can't wait to see some pics!