Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Pick on Me Day!!!

What is this "beat up on Rose Anne day" or something???

OK guess I definitely am not going to aquacise this week!  See I barely walked to the bus and after a half hour ride it was torture to get up and walk the block to work, never mind trying to find comfortable shoes there.  Not looking forward to my doggie walk that is for sure!!!

See this morning just before leaving I let the dogs out for a second break and was going up the three steps into the kitchen when I MIS-stepped and rammed my toes of my left foot into the back of the step and then fell forwards bumping my knees and stopping myself with my left arm where the buttons on the sleeve scratched my skin.  I just laid there for seconds then got up to get ready to go out the door.

Putting on my boot was pain and not sure what it’ll be like after work to go home!!!  And I can’t bend my toe without pain but there is some give to it so I don’t think it’s broken, just does not like any pressure on the ball or the big toe, will see how it feels through the day, might get it checked out after lunch.  Not possible as the clinic was at max for patients so will go at 7:00 am and hope to get in ASAP.

Then our water cooler jug needed changing – now I KNOW I can’t lift a full one and put it on top – I know that – BUT I thought what’s it to remove the empty one – I can do that!!!  YEAH RIGHT!!!  Definitely not again, as it needed some force to pop out and what did it do or I guess I did – BOPPED me on the right cheek bone just below my glasses!!!  SHEESH, sure hope that does not bruise!  Will be hard explaining that to the DR when I go to get this toe checked (it’s swelling up even though I have it propped up).

Well even though I kept my foot propped up under my desk most of the day and used Communicator instead of walking back and forth it still swelled up to the point that it BARELY fit into my boot.  But it was easier to walk with it snug fitting but still not my normal step.  Yep it's now turning colours too!!!

When I got home I saw the neighbours had shovelled the sidewalk on either side of the house, but honest I don't have it in me to shovel with this foot.  Will see if tomorrow being warmer if I'll have more OOOOMP!!!

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PeggyR said...

Oh No! I hope things balance out soon.