Thursday, January 17, 2013

TIAS 2013 - Days 1 & 2

Yes Jane Eborall is back again this year with another "Tat It And See" mystery project and she says this year's participants is much more than other years and she has her hands full keeping up blogging all entries!  See we LOVE your creativity and designs Jane!!!

So every three days Jane uploads another snippet of instructions and we keep adding to our tatting and if we've a clue as to what it'll grow up to be we can say so!  It's kinda funny reading some guesses but gosh the selection of tatting cottons and more so the SHUTTLES that are being used by the ladies and yes gents too is phenomenal!

I didn't get around to blogging Day 1 earlier, so here it is with Day 2 and just in the knick of time as tomorrow is Day 3!!!

Now I can tell you that the join between Row 1 and Row 2 is a split chain and well my first attempt was on the blue thread and it worked out mucho better than my second attempt on the yellow thread.  Oh well considering that was my first try at SChs I'll just leave it.  AND as to what it will be I have no idea, but Jane has given clue #1 as "blue" and clue # "baby pram-ish" - still does not help!


Val said...

good try on the split chains nonetheless. i find ut very fun to see what threads different people choose to tat with.

Judy said...

Glad you are feeling better!!! I have been sick for a week, and it is kinda nice to get my head out from under the covers!!