Thursday, January 17, 2013

My New House Sitting Friends

Yes I've met a new acquaintance, a friend of my girlfriends, and she's asked me to look after her cats while she went away for three weeks.  Well there was a slight glitch and that trip got cancelled but they did zip away for a week and I did look after her babies!  They are a might spoiled but heck what children/pets aren't spoilt to some extent by their parents!!!

It did take them (well not Damien) three days to adjust to me, but Louise did not make it difficult whenever it was time for her insulin shot so that was good!  And Bayda well as long as I picked up the hair brush she was right there and then shortly after that I'd put her in the kennel with the vaporizer on for her breathing condition.  

Finally on Thursday I think it was, that Louise graced us with her presence in the living room in the evening and lo and behold the next evening too.  Well that weekend she even slept on the couch and greeted me in the morning - so sweet!!!  Needless to say that weekend I had Bayda on my lap and Louise and Damien on either side of me while watching TV - definitely no stitching with them that close by!  LOL!
Yes, they require their own water glass,
changed daily or they are in your's.
The only drawback of this session is that I came down with the stomach flu and had one heck of a weekend and the following week when back home!

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Laurie said...

What a heck of a time to get the stomach flu Rose Anne, but what sweet companions to keep you company. I love the pic of them with their water glasses.