Saturday, January 19, 2013

My New Acquisition

OK one of my fellow tatter/lacemaker is one awesome needleworks enthusiast and has her own shop and does unbelievable hand painted canvasses for customers.  But to me she was one of my lifesavers in regards to mastering TATTING!!!

And as I'm travelling to Ireland and taking in a bus tour along with the International Quilt Festival of Ireland I want to take along my tatting and hopefully a mastered Angel pattern and hopefully have a few ready for Christmas gifts.  Naturally I've been thinking of HOW I'll be carrying and storing my tatting paraphernalia on the trip.

So I was very very interested when Ewa showed off her newest project "Irish Crochet" totes in small, medium, and large sizes with lining.  Hmmmm with linings with pockets for shuttles and cotton ball in the centre would be perfect and attractive too!  After a few weeks I hummed and hawed but could not justify the full cost for one of these beauties and emailed Ewa to see if she'd like my newer crocheted cotton balls, I was not using anymore, and some type of exchange.  Well it materialized to a fair barter and I paid the difference and now am the owner of this lovely tote.

Now just to design and stitch up the lining with pockets and I'll be ready for mobile tatting.  Again thank you Ewa for your lovely work.

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