Monday, August 27, 2012

House/Garden Sitting

And it survived my limited knowledge of gardening!!!  Either that or Angela is a very good gardener and had a very good start that my efforts did not hurt it at all.  Whichever it survived me!!!  Here's the proof of my two weeks during the hottest times we've had too.  You start off entering the back yard between the shed and the house past the latticed covered AC unit, then up the left side around and back on the right side (yes it's a small narrow yard) and into the patio area with the water pond in the far corner.

Yeppers it was a joy to house sit here but I sure wish the weather cooperated so I could have enjoyed some quiet time out on the patio or even the front deck (mostly breakie mornings).  And naturally the evenings were mosquito filled with me the buffet table so to speak!

The only flaw to this week was the passing of my Aunt Nellie (my Dad's younger sister) but it was a blessing for her and now she is resting peacefully without life's major stresses or changes to her daily routine that she could not understand or handle without stress.  She had the service she wanted and it was weird being in a huge cathedral church with only seven family (three of my sisters drove in from Dauphin for the day) members and a half dozen other people with two priests and two other clergy presiding over the full service.  Yes it was sad but as I said a blessing too!  It was a lovely day for our closure too.

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