Monday, July 09, 2012

Family Fun

OK this weekend my niece Pat and I traveled to NW Ontario to visit her parents, my sister, and helped them with some flower garden weeding and whipper snippering.  Yep Pat got the knack of that lightweight battery charged unit - Maynards here she comes!!!

First off I stopped in Kenora to drop off two quilt tops I had finished off and left to be quilted, they should be ready for beginning of August if all goes well. 

In between the outdoor jobs while the weather permitted we were inside doing some sewing!  Sylvia helped Pat stitch up a cover for a foam piece and soon their gazebo loveseat will have a new seat! 
While she was sewing that Sylvia loaded a lap quilt onto her frame and by the time Pat finished off Sylvia that completed the meandered quilting!  WOW!!! 
In the meantime I was working on my CQd panel getting it ready to be shipped out today.  Somehow and I'm not sure how I did it but one of the CQers in the first go around saw a snow-capped mountain in the background so I tried to embroider a river roaring down it's sides. 
Also I sorted out my 5" nickle charms of light with dark and marked them ready to stitch up HSTs for the MPQ Nickle Challenge Quilt for ABC program, that is with Pat and Ann's help - thank you ladies.  During this time we even got to enjoy Mother Nature's spectacle of a double rainbow and too bad we couldn't get the opposite end of it also in the picture that was visible to us.  Very seldom have I seen both ends so close and visible.
Len was cutting grass and then BBQd us beer can chicken while Sylvia and Ann prepared pan fried potatoes and a cauliflower salad that I thoroughly enjoyed and corn on the cob - yeppers a scruptious supper!  Next day, Sylvia and Len wanted to treat us to lunch at the new restaurant up the highway but they had some type of entertainment Saturday evening and were opening only for supper on Sunday so we went back home and had leftovers with very young asparagus!!!  YUMMY, Pat said was mucho better than restaurant fare and I agreed!  Thank you S&L!!!

Then we headed back for the city but shortly after leaving Kenora we came upon a traffic stall for 2 hours while the OPP directed traffic around the road blockage from an accident of a motorcycle and half ton truck with a jackknifed small trailer behind.  So sad for those involved and talk about VERY IMPATIENT travellers in that line up - doing stupid things like passing over the double line around curves up hills or on the shoulders to get ahead only to be forced to wait to be let into line!!!  There was a chip wagon on the side and I bet he made quite a business that day as people were running up the shoulders to get there and then waiting to be picked up nearby!  LOL!  That was the longest 2 hour wait I've had on a sun baked highway!

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