Thursday, July 05, 2012

Catch Up Again

OK I'm not even sure where or what I've posted and what I haven't, I've been so tardy!!!

Well for sure I've recently house/cat sat for Val W. and gosh it was great as the temps were in the 30s C and my apartment is still without AC as I'm looking for a new more user-friendly one.  Tigger was a charm and I can't tell you how WELL BEHAVED he is compared to other feline's I've looked after.  Not once in the whole week I was there did he meow till I got up no matter what hour, nor jump on the bed to wake me up, nor climb onto anything that was not cat-friendly!!!  BUT let me tell you if I was late for his supper or snack feeding he sure let me know and yes as usual shedded all over me when it was pet time.  He had his favourite perches and he'd just go and sit quietly beside the door or window waiting patiently for you to open it for him and then he'd be there until sometimes I'd be pulling him away to close it.

Now I really musta been not feeling well cause one day I even told him that I would like a cat like him to take home!!!  WHAT AM I CRAZY!!!  NOPE, NADA, NO SIREE no pets for me!!!

Also now I know why I live in an apartment downtown - cause see in a residential section there's this van with this crazy music calling all to come buy his ice cream!!!  Not fair, see three days I was stuck doing things and not possible to zip out without "chasing" it down the block, BUT finally the last evening I was watering the plants out front and rushed in for my cash and got my ice cream sandwiches!  YEPPERS I bought TWO and ate them both that night!!!

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