Friday, July 10, 2015

Mike's Retirement Gift

Well I totally forgot to blog about Mike's gift!  He retired back in the spring of 2014 with only two weeks notice so there was no way I could manage that with the Quilt Show and other projects already on my plate.  LOL!

Anyways he did tell me he'd like a cycling scene as that is what he does - cycles around Manitoba but mostly across the city etc.  So naturally I panicked as I'm not a peoples scene quilter but then his wife told me there's a picture in his office of him and the group he cycles with.  WELL be darned, it was perfect!  So I kept enlarging it until it was the size I wanted and using lightweight fusible and made a black silhouette of Mike on his bike!  Then I searched my stash and came up with various fabrics for hopefully a Manitoba scene.  Here's the result.

When I finally gave it to him in November of 2014 the first thing he said is "Hey that's me!!!"  Best compliment I could ever get on something like this!  Thanks Mike!

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desertskyquilts said...

That's an amazing thing you did for him, and it's beautiful!