Saturday, July 11, 2015

41 Days to My Dream Trip!!!

OMGG I just can't believe this is coming up so fast!!!  Not sure why, cause my retirement came and went with a blink of my eyelids it seems to be!  Yep it's 6 weeks and I still can't believe I did that either!!!  LOL!  But it no longer feels like I'm on vacation, it's sunk in I'm done for now at least!  LOL!!!

So hopefully soon I'll have my confirmed itinerary and then can get copies to those family and friends who want to keep tabs on me!  It'll sure be an adventure for me but I'm praying it will be a good and safe one and I'll come home from Down Under with tonnes of memories, friendships and pictures to keep me smiling for years to come!

For those who would like to follow me maybe more often than I get a chance to blog, if I can get internet connections that is, I'll post a picture and brief comment on my Twitter account @stitches_lots of each day.  At least I'll try!

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desertskyquilts said...

Counting the days! Who wouldn't be. This is a trip of a lifetime.