Monday, September 29, 2014

Visiting Lanna - June 2014

OK now I'm on the roll and found some more pictures from my June Western Canada return trip that brought smiles and good feelings for me again.  Yes visiting Lanna whom Sylvia and I met on our trip to Ireland last year was something I was truly looking forward too as I missed my chance at the start of my trip so I was not missing it now - even with bad weather!!!

Don't get me wrong, trying to get to Lanna's home in SW Saskatchewan I had to "detour" off the major TransCanada Hwy onto gravel and smaller highways thankfully in the same directions I needed to go.  BUT seeing the ditches full of water was not that scary BUT coming upon fields for miles of rushing water lapping on the road edges (high winds and pouring rain too) was very intimidating and then coming upon two patches where water was a good metre over the highway in the low areas was downright scary!!!  BUT I kept calm and even with being made to retrace my way at least 30 kms and getting lost once (thankfully it was still daylight) I finally made it to the area for Lanna to come and guide me to their farm!  I was very relieved and enjoyed my tea or coffee before turning in for the night.

Anyways here are some pictures of two of Lanna's loving hobbies (some of these dolls Lanna has made herself and some from her travels) whenever time permits from family and farm responsibilities.  

These are my favourites!
Even though I love them all!!!
I can see the impishness in these two!

Love the carriage!!!

The bride is for her daughter's marriage.

Lanna and her longarm.
And now some of her lovely quits!!!

Good use for the leftover scraps!

And finally the one I slept under!

So Thank You Lanna for the chance to visit with you again, meet your family and most of all enjoy all your beautiful dolls and your lovely quilts.  God Bless and keep enjoying life!

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