Monday, August 05, 2013

Quilting - Not Quilting!

Honest, I did try!  See after finishing off the Bali Strip Challenge I moved back to my quilted gift that needed to be redone - yesterday I got similar fabrics together and adjusted my machine until I thought my tension was good and then practiced some.  Soon I found out that I definitely need my "machingers" but oh my where are they - I have two pairs too.  They weren't in my sewing machine which I'd think was the logical place for them.  I was so frustrated after trying to free-motion quilt without that I gave up.

Instead I found my box of pictures, oil paintings and quilted hangers and proceeded to hang them up - like hit and miss with these old crumbling walls when hammering nails into them.  Oh well I did my best and I can tell you it's lovely to see some of my favourites up on display.  Then I read the evening away!

Then today I tackled my "studio" and managed to unload two large bags and two boxes.  I even found some lovely Christmas placemat fabrics that I'll have to do up - who knows maybe if I get this place cleared of most of the boxes I just might have my ex-Lewiscraft gals over around Christmas for a LONGGGGGGGG overdue supper!!!  Will see, no promises from me!

Anyways I came across a load of blue jeans and proceeded to cut them up!  GOSH I remember the last batch I did and how sore my back was from leaning over the table!  HA HA HA - not this time!!!  I just LOVE my new cutting table (thank you Margo and Harold) - it's just the right height and I had to stop because my scissors were bruising my thumb!  OH and it's time I left for a BBQ.  Bye!

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