Monday, September 17, 2012

Purging Update

WHOOO HOOO!!!  I've done it more so once again.  See I was determined to check out those boxes in the hallway and keep only what I wanted/would use and the rest out the door.  WELL I did finish it off today - those 6 plus boxes whittled down to 3 boxes:  1 is UFOs (unfinished objects),1 on is quilting cottons misplaced and one is fancy fabrics for my crazy patch.  

So I have one huge box of textured type fabrics for Alzheimer's Touch Quilts and one paper shopping bag three-quarters full of cottons for my friend in Kenora for her and maybe her group's charity quilts and another pile I've priced and gotten ready for the Ravenesque Quilters' Sale, September 23rd.  There was also a bag garbaged.

Then this weekend and finished off today I was checking over items laying around and deciding whether I'm keeping it or it's going! Well I managed to fill 3 large boxes and one smaller one of odds n ends along with a wired 3-tire small kitchen basket on wheels along with a plastic bag of stuffed animals and all were packed up and hauled off to Harrow United Church for their Garage Sale, October 13th.

Gosh I can't believe all that I've carted out of here this past two months and there is still TONNES in here to pack up and move in October!!!  BUT it sure looks lots better!!!  I'm even seeing the floor more and more - YEAH!!!

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