Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moving Update!

SHEESH!!!  I'm not sure my sanity or body will survive this move that I'd for years begged would happen and now that it is OUCHIE!!!  It's been 30 days of anxiety and most has turned out beautifully and all to the good, so hopefully the rest will continue to be so.

And in these 30 days I did manage to finish off two of three sewing projects by their deadline dates and this last one I am working on in between bouts of purging, packing and running various errands to pull off this move next week.  BUTTTTTTT!!!

Today I had a horrifying scare and that too I hope will straighten itself out by Tuesday!  See Lilian for some reason thought she had her apartment until Nov. 1st so was not moving out as quickly as she should have.  And because we had not seen her this past week we had thought she'd moved out completly, just not handed over the keys.  Not so, as they were back yesterday and again today to take more out of the apt and clean some too.  

When the caretaker called and said that she'd be back sometimes this week to finish off I said NO, I have the apt as of Monday, she has to be out then.  So in the end she'll be out on Tuesday and the painter hopefully will be finished then too (I pray so) and do the checkout report.  So guess I'll go to work Tuesday and take Wednesday off instead, do my checkin report and start moving stuff upwards. 

AND come next Monday my furniture movers will be here and hopefully that next week more boxes will be moved up after I'm finished work.  Then will be the cleaning of this apt and doing my checkout report and handing over the keys - 17 years uncluttered!!!

Wonder how long it'll take me to "unpack" and settle into my new apt???  NAH more like how long it'll take my aches and pains to settle so I can go back to my aquacise classes!!!

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