Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Moving Update


No don’t ask why I was at work yesterday at 7:50 am because I sure don’t know!!!  AND totally wide awake after another night of tossing before falling asleep - purging left me wired!!!

Anyways I have more good news and I pray it stays good!!!  Yesterday a coworker brought in garden stuff and I have fresh tomatoes for toasted sandwiches again along with beet leaves so I’ll make up some fresh buns one of these nights and take them over when Sylvia & Len are in and all can enjoy some (I’ll even do up separately some cream and onions for topping).

Then after I made a dash to WalMart for some cleaning supplies I badly need, I FINISHED cleaning the plant stand of calcium/iron buildup and then I just have to wash off the plastic grid work and it’s picture time!!!  Just in time for Saturday’s Bonsai display/sale if it don’t rain (Sunday if it does).  Then it’s back to the floor clutter in the living room and hallway!!!

OH and the caretaker called and I had to go get a new application for Apt 508 – I filled it in and DANG I have been 8 years in apt 202 and just finishing 17 years in apt 209 – that’s a total of “25” years in this block.  Guess that’s why they are willing to fix up 508 a bit – want to keep me longer???  Also the owners are very willing to transfer my damage deposit from 209 to 508.  THAT IS JUST GREAT!!! 

This move is turning out better and better for me!  AND to think I’m decluttering so much already I may not recognize my stuff once I’m moved in!!!  LOL!!!  And Pat’s says I HAVE TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!  Oh Oh, that’s the challenge!!!  Yes, I’m in a very good mood today and it better stay as I’ve more to tackle tonight!!!

Ohhhh I forgot another good news item to report!!!  This decluttering before packing is a good thing too for me – not only in downsizing and hopefully having an actual feel like “home” soon but Pat’s right – I am losing inches – my clothes are really getting loose on me.  No I’ve not stepped on the scale yet, but might this week sometimes.


Well the gridwork is washed and pictures of the plant stand taken and all the pots and books packed to take to the Bonsai event on Saturday - hope most of it sells so I don't have to lug it back home!!!  I think it'll be an early night tonight as I'm wiped.

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Judy said...

Wow!! Good news all around! You sound so excited!
I have good news, too - I am a great aunt again - Brynne Alyson, born yesterday in time for lunch!