Friday, September 07, 2012

Moving One Thing Less!

Yeppers I now  have ONE LESS large item to move with me!!!

See I took pictures of various Orchid and Bonsai supplies and books I have that I don't use anymore and the first thing that was in demand was this 48" wide and about 5' tall plant stand unit and as of now is in it's new residence.  The person checked it out and was pleased and took it right away! YEAH!!!

And you won't believe this but my "kitchen table and chairs" are in their proper place in the dining room instead of half in and half out in the living room and chairs not out for sitting on!!!  ACTUALLY the "walk around" is now open and I just sat at the table and wrote up the sign I need for tomorrow's Bonsai event where I'll try and sell those items at.  Hope the weather cooperates and there are members that could use what I have to sell off.  That would make my day!!!

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Judy said...

Good luck! If your weather is like ours, I hope it is indoors...