Saturday, September 01, 2012

I'm Moving Up Again!!!

Yeppers I'm moving up in the world again but this time apartment-wise!  LOL!

See I've lived here for years in this block, first in a one-bedroom on the second floor, then about 15 years ago moved into this two-bedroom just down the hall.  I've hated this layout since I moved in but since it was bigger and provided me with a sewing room that was great!  It didn't take me long to realize I did not care for my neighbours above me nor the long rectangular layout of this suite - not conducive to furniture repositioning. Well a few years later I visited with my neighbours and decided that I wanted that corner square-layout suite instead but I wanted the top floor so I would not have anyone living above me.  Every year on my lease renewal I reminded the Agency I was still contemplating this happening but this year I was in a rush and just signed it and handed it in.  WELL finally that tenant has bought a house and will be moving out and it will be available Oct. 1st - so I'm MOVING - except not in one day!!!

Once I found out I contacted the Agency to view the suite and submitted some concerns I had about that suite and wondered if it would be attended to.  I only had to wait a couple of days and received my answers and a much appreciated attention to my concerns.  Not only have they agreed to me renting both suites for October to allow me a slower move and easier with booking movers for mid-month than the very popular Oct. 1st but other concessions too:

1.  redoing the bathroom and kitchen flooring
2.  replacing the fridge & stove with new appliances
3.  redoing the bathroom tub surround if deemed necessary when they view it
4.  and the suite will be repainted
5.  and the biggy is my rent will only be $10 more a month.

WOW that was more than I'd asked for and I'm thrilled because he also answered some cosmetic changes I'd like to do later on and asked for his input and where to go when I decide to do them.  But like I said I'm sure I've been here 20-25 years now and they are very good with repairs compared to the other two Agencies I rented with, so I hope to stay here for more years yet - especially in my new place!!!  I have a very strong feeling that this apartment will finally be a "HOME" for me - it's just more home-like in it's layout and space-wise.  

And to boot today while visiting my great-niece's new home they just bought I told her my good news and she's kindly offered her partner's time/muscles along with his friend's to come and move me for food and refreshments - not keen on being paid!  Hmmm will see once they get here and see what and how they have to move it!  I do not object to paying them as I was checking out movers and the best price I'd come upon so far was $89+ per hour.  I had also contacted the cable company and because I have the full package they will come and reconnect my computer and TV/etc at no charge!  WOW!!!

I told my niece today that it's about darn time I had some good news happenings in my life!!!  So once I get access I will take pictures of the place before I fill it up and again once I've settled in and unpacked the boxes!  LOL!  I think I can even see myself maybe entertaining once again!  That sure will be something - I've not done that in years!

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Dianne Leatherdale Johnson said...

Rose Anne, be sure to take pictures of it empty, and filled with boxes. Those pile of box pictures are too, too funny!
Love ya,
The much moved Dianne