Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flowers Gather

I'm not sure what to call this latest crazy patch embellishment which hopefully will be a framed piece one day!  With my upcoming move it was quite hard to find time for stitching but I did a little each day and yes another finished project.  Right now it's in a temporary matt which accidentally has my thumb print on it, much to my dismay!  

This piece was a little hard to work on as I had no input as to what to actually focus on or colour scheme etc so I pray that I've chosen wisely and it fits in, maybe with a proper coloured matt and shadow box type frame it will be perfect!

I wanted to focus on my embroidery for this piece and I think I pulled it off nicely and finished it off with a tatted edging that basically lies half on the crazy patch itself and half on the beveled matt edging which had to be painstakingly lifted up after the matt was secured in place with double sided tape.  Kinda hard to do with the fabric against matt board, but doable.
Right Side
Lower Right
Lower Left
Left Side
Framed crazy patch - 11 x 14 matt

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Judy said...

And your embroidery is lovely, my dear!! Love that spider!!