Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flowers Gather Update

OH my did I have fun with Rachel yesterday!!!  While presenting my gift for her retirement I mentioned I wanted it back (not telling what it was though) as I did not realize till it was all together for picture taking that I FORGOT to pad the underside of the silk image in the centre!  GRRRRR!!!  She was chuckling and said maybe she'll just trade it for one of my quilted table toppers that I displayed at work - ha ha ha - I doubt it and told her to wait till she opened it before making such a statement!  Well naturally she was not trading when she saw it!!!  LOL!

She did agree with me that the Victorian lady needed to be more defined and lifted up so to speak and let me take it back home to dismantel the two hours of assembling it, fix it and return it next week when finished.  This matt is just temporary and she agreed she'll frame it to suite her tastes/decor.  And was quite impressed with how the tatted edging resting on the bevelled matt was so appropriate and striking.  Everyone just LOVED the beaded spider (I think the largest I've made so far).

So considering I had it back and last night was our quilting guide's first meeting of the year I took it for Show n Tell and it was admired by many.

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