Thursday, July 20, 2017

Retreats Disappointments

First off our Keystone Quilts retreat is cut short by one night at South Beach Casino - probably some big Whig wanted a block of rooms so we got cut!  I'm still going as it's been paid in full months ago (partial refund coming) and I'd passed up on pet sitting for this weekend and too late to change with 3 days notice.

Then I get an email that due to renovations at South Beach Casino OMA's October 2017 quilt retreat is totally cancelled.  She is offering us first dibs on the May 2018 retreat and that too is disappointing but can't be helped.

OK things happen in threes - what's next????  Please nothing earth shattering!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Refreshed Look n Bargains!

Here's a couple of pics I took today after my visit to the salon for a cut!  While shopping for gifts at Ten Thousand Villages they let me take some pictures with their decor!  The other picture in my hallway is of one of my purchases from there.  Notice it has a teardrop stone in back.  They have a jewellery sale on today - buy one and get one 50% off including sale items.  I couldn't resist 4 as gifts and two for myself!!!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

King's Park Walk

What a lovely day for another Prairie Pathfinders walk with Michelle and Edna on the south end of the city.  And too boot I recognized my Camera Club friend's laugh and there she was in front of me but in a NEW sleek body!!!!  You look great Caroline!  Hope to see you on other walks.

Afterwards Edna had to go strawberry picking but Michelle and I had a delicious lunch at Mama's Noodle House - both with leftovers for home.  Delicious!

Assiniboine Park Entertainment

Here Sunday night with Janice and two of her friends enjoying some soul music by Winipegger Cecille Brown.  😎  Afterwards lovely skyline in the sunset.

Back with the 'Crew'

My Saturday entertainment laughing at the antics of Wheeler the young pup and the patience of the mature Bella while Griffin the "toddler" is relaxing.  After some wrestling of the young pups they've all settled down for a nap and Murphy the cat is outside sleeping on the deck chair.  No walking this crew either!!!

Well the young ones are playing while Murphy and Bella are napping ignoring the kids.

OK this picture lasted like 5 minutes.  Glad  I grabbed the camera.

Chewing on the same antler.

Horsing around which 15 minutes later still at it.  You can tell they are pups yet!  LOL!!!

Well didn't last long.  There were a couple sharp yips and then a louder one as in someone bit too hard and they split to separate sides and all's quiet.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Awesome Friday!

This morning I did a 12.7 km walk with Janice Palmer and Jeane from St Vital Park under Bishop Grandin to UofM and along Kings Dr to Kings Park and back - stopped in to say HI to Barb Bednarski but she was out to lunch.   Beautiful day for a workout.

Then we headed to Inferno's on Des Meurons for an awesome shared lunch entres with Jeane and shared a huge lemon hazelnut tart with Janice before going out shopping on the way home.  Thank you Jan for the lovely pictures.

I also added some SHealth tracking info from today's walk and total steps etc.  And from my FitBit mini I got an email about HiTops reward received.  Guess today was a great day.

Too bad it was a farewell to our friend Jeane who's going back to her USA!  Safe travels and more adventures!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Freddy n Zero

I'm relaxing after my lake escapes even with these two big dogs I'm sitting for the weekend.  Left is Freddy and right is Zero.  Very calm dogs and just glad I don't have to walk them - more like they'd drag me!  It's a good thing I don't want the loveseat!  😃





Friday, July 07, 2017

July 5th - Rushing River Provincial Park

WOW WOW WOW what an awesome day for a grueling 3 km hike and then an invigorating swim to cool down.  Afterwards Edna and I ventured back to the car and refreshments by the rocks and I climbed in, found a natural armchair and had a good half hour massage!   Then Jan and Loralie joined us and pictures taken.   Beautiful.  Maybe next stop is Falcon Trails but Edna and I will stay with the car not up to another hike.

Well I'm finally home after a quick stop at Shoppers for some much needed solarcaine spray to combat the huge itchy bites I've collected this trip plus the sunburn today.  One I think is even from a horse or black fly.  Had a soak and covered in awesome cooling spray and hope to sleep soon.

It was the most amazing weekend I've had and even with the bites I loved those nature trails full of wonderful things.  Again thank you Janice, Loralie and Edna for the bonding great time!