Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rail Fence Mini

OK I've gotta be crazy sewing 1" rail fence blocks started with 3/4" strips of three colours by a sewing machine - very piddly.  Then I realize the bag of scraps from Edna did not have enough lengthy pieces of the green for borders or binding!  Hmmm what to do now?

Well Edna came to my rescue with two pieces of the green from her stash and I've completed my Rail Fence Mini today.  I know better than to sew BEFORE squaring up blocks on big quilts SO WHY did I not on the minis?  Maybe cause 1" blocks are a pain to handle???  P.S.  -  that is one of many quilt hangers that I bought from Judith Wilson at Western Retreat years ago.  Now I've the minis to display and use them. 

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