Wednesday, August 05, 2015

15 DAYS!

I posted the following on FB today and finally got up the nerve to tell my girlfriend about it as I was kind of worried of what she might think or say!  Well not only have others kinda coaxed me out of my anxiety about the trip whenever brought up, but Angela is just my much appreciated support and I LOVE her dearly!!!

"Pooped and vegging out after my 11 km walk and 100 steps up and down at the Leg Bldg getting ready for my Down Under Adventure!!!  I'm beginning to doubt my mind on this one but it's 99% paid for so have to go. Even though I've had two dreams - no nightmares - of not packing and not letting Angela in when she arrived to take me to the airport!!!  CRAZY!!!!"
Here's what she said to me!  She maybe wondered why I was so quiet lately!
"The truth is that you have been dreaming and planning this for so many years and guess what it is actually happening.  I think everything is just settling into your brain and you are preparing your self for the adventure.  To be quite honest I would be concerned if you did not feel this way.  Once the date gets closer you will calm down.  You have everything ready to go all your I's dotted and t’s crossed.  Start  focusing on trying to get everything into that suitcase.  Everything will be fine, you are meeting some wonderful ladies who are very excited to meet you.  Just take one day at a time, if you are nervous unpack some of those boxes to burn off the anxiety of going away.
Ohhhhh my friend sure does know me!!!  OK I'm looking for supper as I grocery shopped the other day and then to the task of "LISTS" - what to pack - what's left to do before going!

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Bobbi Pohl said...

You will love Australia and start to plan several more trips because there is still more wonderful stuff to see. At least that's the way I felt after the trip I made in May/June this year. Don't worry if you forget to pack something. You can buy one there. The secret to getting hooked on Vegemite is to spread it thin on your cracker. The buffet breakfasts are wonderful English ones with baked beans, grilled tomatoes and lots of other good things. And, the long hours on the plane weren't even as bad as I anticipated. Have a wonderful time!