Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gimli Retreat 2015

WOW this year there is only 39 registered and we have lots of room to play!  AND the three of us have finished our Family  Challenge - here is the picture.  I love the different  ideas we came up with.  Sylvia s hubby says the first bird is looking for a girlfriend,  the second they are kissing and the last she is sitting on the nest.  He says it's a keeper.  Pat's hubby likes hers and wants to hang it up.  Mine has the glass cabachons beaded in place inspired by Heather Lairs landscape technique which in 2013 I was fortunate to take her class at retreat and I'm keeping it too.
Well I completed my challenge - we all had the red, blue and green circles fabrics - not a good choice decision  but it worked.  Then I went back to Alan retirement runner - going well so far even the two coasters.  Picture to follow next.

The food so far is good but the organizer is away in Florida - DUH!  Bye till next update.,

I love this new toy!  Samsung Galaxy Tab S with built-in WiFi.

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