Monday, September 29, 2014

August Ontario Vacation

Well since I'm on a roll guess I'll see how far I can get!  LOL!

So August was my usual couple weeks vacation at my sister's in NW Ontario and our sporadic quilt show and sale.  This year I tried to finish off various items for this event but with my Western Canada vacation in June I was behind!!!  Naturally a good 90% of these items were Sylvia's projects, I had some smaller items (seen in previous blog entries) and some of the smaller items along with my friend Michelle's items.


This year I also got to enjoy some awesome fall weather, some folk entertainers at The Whiskey Jack restaurant along with taking part in their garage sale before heading back to Winnipeg.  I did stop in to visit with Adeline and Bill in Kenora and they took me to a local fundraiser is a nearby community.  I totally enjoyed my vacation!!!

Not only was I having a good time but Adeline's friend from Kenora was too!  I sure hope I have that much VAVAROOM that she enjoys life with!!!

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cq4fun said...

That was almost like walking through a quilt show! I hope you sold lots and lots!