Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vacation Pics - Days 1-3

OK here are the pictures I've taken and uploaded so far!

Swinging bridge - Wolesley SK
Dale Anne & I - Morse SK
OK and here are the foothills leading up to the mountains - and in order I think up to Banff.  Yes I'm taking pictures while driving but am being very careful!!!  And yes it was dreary, raining weather while travelling these three days.


So stay tuned for more updates and pics when uploaded.

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Jean said...

Nice pictures Rosanne. I grew up in that area and you did wonderful considering the rainy day. Glad you had a good time and finally found Sugar Pine. Yes, everyone in both Banff and Canmore tend to stay inside at night. There are usually a lot of bear and cougar sightings and attacks each year.