Monday, June 16, 2014

Vacation - Days 1-3

OK my laptop is giving me grief on this trip trying to connect to free WIFI and even last night on the hotel guest connection - GRRRR!  So sorry I can't upload the couple of pics here of my travels so far to Brooks AB. 

I started off by taking my sister's advice and "sleeping in" on Saturday so didn't leave the city until 11:00 but I think that was very smart because even with a packed lunch for the road and two planned stops I still didn't get to Regina until 6:00ish - missing Peachtree quilt shop.  My stop in Moosomin at Shirley's was as always a pleasure and she even during a break in the class came to talk to me and ring up my purchases and gave me a coffee and cookie for the road.  Then my next stop was at Tiger Lily Quilts in Wolesley and I just love that little shop building it's beautiful outside and in and had a nice visit there too.  Then went down to their town swinging bridge but it's not like our Souris MB one before heading to Gayle's (Aurora Quilter) in Regina.

Once there I relaxed with a lovely cup of tea and chit chatted before heading to pick up part of our supper then back home to fix it.  I tried twice to call my niece's girlfriend to come and pick up my sister's china but no luck so I called Marg again and Tammy texted her friend to call me.  FINALLY we connected - I was given the wrong number - and she'll pick it up on Wednesday - I sure hope so!!!  Gayle and I watched a TV series CD then off to bed and we were going to Cora's for breakfast - no dice the line up was out the door so to Tim's we went and then I was on the road again.  I love your home Gayle and thank you for your hospitality!

Noonish I got to Dale Anne's in Morse SK and Biff made lunch for us and we chatted the afternoon away and I got more of her lovely handmade cards - thank you my friend!  Then late afternoon I headed off to Medincine Hat AB but I think I got my messages mixed up and Tim's free WIFI would not let me connect so I had to drive across the parking lot to Wendy's and finally connected.  BUT YAHOO for some reason would not call up my address book and dummy here did not write down Kerry's info so since it was still early I drove onto Brooks AB and checked into the Lakeview.  I think Kerry and Alan were maybe staying Monday near Sylvan Lake but I could not find the "saved" email to verify.  Oh well I'll stop on the way back for sure.  Sorry Kerry!

I had a lovely sleep and using the hotel PC sending this off.  Today I'll meet Carol from CdnQuiltSwappers in Strathmore and then onto Banff and Canmore for the afternoon - that is if the threatened Tstorms aren't restricting travel - two possible B&Bs for the night there!  So far I'm enjoying myself and can feel the tension easing out of my system.  Dale Anne says I have to journal more but so far I'm doing nothing but driving or stopping to visit and or eat!  LOL!

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