Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything Here

Well first off I've been trying my hand at some hot matts and hope to have a stash made for the Christmas gift giving season coming up - yep it's around the corner!!!  I'm not happy with the final outcome but sure with practice I will get it more to my liking.
Fruit Pie Hot Matts

Then some time ago I overheard the Director and her Assistant chatting about where to put the new staff in the area I've been in for maybe 10 years now - so I asked if it would help her if I moved to Jan's desk (her Admin Officer that retired in Feb)?  She was surprised and then agreed that it would help to centralize the same group of staff so I agreed, but asked for 2-3 weeks notice to clear out my clutter (ohhh major like).  Well Monday I got like 5 days notice and let me tell you I was not as selective of what to keep and filled one full recycle bin with various items even going back to 1980s - YIKES!!!  Also took home some of my personal stuff but still had LOTS to move over, never mind the boxes in the back of the RM 809 picture that have to be listed and scheduled for Archival destruction - UGH!!!  This is the first time in my 41 years that I have seen a vacated workstation literally "wiped clean" of all - I mean all - unnecessary stuff removed!  The person moving in better not say it was not clean!!!  OR I better not hear such a comment!  I even cleaned the phone with a gentle cleaner!!!  I've left one of my quilted projects on the wall, but if that person has their own art they'd like to hang that's fine I'll just move it to another wall if my co-workers want to keep it there or I'll take it home!

RM 809 huge workstation - front
RM 809 - back

Thankfully Tuesday night was the local Goldeyes baseball game that Pat, Amanda and I went to.  It was a boring game till the later innings then Winnipeg tied the game and then it got really interesting till the last when they WON!!!  But what I found interesting was the new Human Rights Museum from this angle - now I like this look!  Don't know why but I'm not impressed with the glass structure side, maybe I'll get used to it!
Now by Wednesday afternoon my new workstation area was starting to look like Rose Anne's and today I can say it felt like my place even if things are on the opposite side and I've a working curve to get over!  Also today the rest of my art was hung up so will have to retake these pictures when I get back.  Good thing I'm on vacation now for two weeks and hopefully when I get back it won't feel so strange!!! 

RM 811 - much smaller workstation

RM 811 - new workstation

NOW onto the awesome good stuff!!!  Yeppers one more day of work and then I'm off and heading WEST!  My intentions are to have a quilty vacation stopping to visit fellow online quilters from my various groups along with quilt shops along the route.  I'm also hoping to stop in the Banff Hot Springs and soak my tired sore muscles from all that moving and driving before tackling the mountains into BC and eventually resting a few days in Nanaimo on the Island!  YES, I'm anxious but also looking forward to this adventure!  Hopefully all goes well and I breeze through my travels safe and sound!

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butrfly2200 said...

Love the fruit pie hot pads. Thank you so much of one of them. It was a pleasure to have you over night.