Friday, July 12, 2013

Slab Blocks - Update

YAHOOIE, yeppers I finished off another 15.5 inch slab block for the Quilts for Southern Alberta - that leaves me with just one more of the allotted fabrics to stitch up tomorrow and then I can go back to my MPQ Batik Strip Challenge quilt top!!!  PHEW talk about a sewing buzz lately.  BUT I've also got a great idea for a quick quilt top for Aurora Quilter's charity quilts for House of Hesed and using up the leftover fabrics that friends have helped to build in this box of mine!

But "shoot" I totally forgot to put the little piece of white into the oranges block - well Cheryl did say it was optional, but I truly meant to do this for all my blocks.  Well maybe that light orange on the right will do as it has tiny little white triangles in it!  Also I played with larger strips - not as many narrow ones in this colour choice.

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