Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quilts for Southern Alberta

OK yesterday was our Aurora Quilters gathering and I received more "slab blocks", fabric, a quilt top and some money towards shipping costs donated by some of our members.  I'm hoping to package these items up and get them mailed off after July 26th (just in case there are others on their way).  Thank you everyone who has stepped up to the plate for this cause, much appreciated!!!

You've already seen mine but I will include them here again along with the others.
Blocks by Rose Anne B
Blocks by Sylvia S
Blocks by Wendy S
Quilt top by Ricky C
Most FQs/yardage donated by Jeanette O.
Top right donated by Ricky C (maybe backing).

OK now back my other projects and maybe more unpacking and settling in my new apartment (10 months now)!!!

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