Friday, March 15, 2013

SewBuds - Potholder Swap

Gosh lots has happened since my lapse in blogging and now it's catch up time!

We had a spring "potholder" swap within our small SewBuds group and I totally had fun doing mine of selvedges at the February quilt retreat.  The worst part was trying to do the hanging loopy all in one process in binding them - just was not possible for me so cut a piece and tacked it in place and then bound all around. 

Basically I prepared a shorter top fabric of selvedges and then a still shorter piece which I stitched onto some heavy weight cotton as I wanted pocket-like holders so ones hands are kinda protected from oven burns.  I used an iron board type of quilted batting (supposed to be heat resistant) along with the silver heat resistant fabric and over quilted the two together.  Then I sandwiched the three pieces and bound them together. 

I think they turned out pretty good and I even was asked to make another set for a co-worker but for her smaller hands with a "thumb" placement stitched in.  So that'll be my next project after I finish off a couple of other things first.

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cq4fun said...

They look good, Rose Anne. I've never made anything with selvedges. One of our shops was doing lampshades in a class. I draw the line at 1 inch. LOL