Monday, February 18, 2013


OK I've had enough of winter and I like normal winter conditions!  Especially after a couple of weeks of teasing spring like conditions to get "blasted" with a howling North Wind with gusts up to 70 km and fresh snow too boot!  

Well today is "Family Day" and provincial government employees were off.  So some of us Ravenesque fibre artists were going to get together in Steinbach for a day of stitching and gabbing and eating.  And because I was given 18 eggs, I even made egg salad sandwiches along with devilled eggs to share with them all.  Hmmmm it was quite iffy when I ventured out - yes lots of snow but roads weren't bad so I thought I'd wait till I got to the pick up point and see what it was like on the outskirts of the city.  WELLLLL as I got further out of the city I soon realized I did not want to venture out onto the highway at all.  Yes I did check the weather channels on TV and on the net and they all had varied information and only one with a RED ALERT bulletin for mostly southern Manitoba heading down into Minnesota, into SE corner - hmmm!

At Robins, Pat said that we weren't going and that Dianne knew this and so I followed them over to their place and still had a stitching day with a friend and we all had some of the lunch I prepared.  AND my van handled the extra snow very well and only had one spot I had to back up and try again to get through.  Even maneuvering the back lane to park in the carport was fine, but some people were having a heck of time on the good spots - not sure how they handled the drifted in spots. 

AND would you believe it, I've started house/dog sitting this weekend and started it off with shovelling knee deep drifts on all walkways to shovel clean.  Needless to say after shovelling the back path to the garbage cans and for the two small short legged dogs first, I then cleaned off the pathway to the sidewalk so I can go to work tomorrow and path to the road.  Then switched thinking I could do the stretch from one pathway to the second one which the postman uses (today he didn't drop off the mail as it was not cleared for him) - but gave up after a 3 foot stretch.  It was only ankle deep on half the sidewalk so I left it and concentrated on the necessary pathway to the mailbox - that one was well over the knees and by the time I finished that one I was exhausted.  All I can say is I'm glad that gusts have eased some and hopefully it will not be filled in again tomorrow morning or I'll have to shovel the fronts again before work.  UGH!!!  I decided that the next time I'm here in winter that Harold is teaching me to use the snow blower or whatever those things are in the back!!!

Needless to say I came in with a bright red nose, cheeks and chin and promptly put on some skin lotion and will again after coming in from walking the dogs later tonight.  Definitely not looking forward to going out there again!  LOL!  Just relaxing till then.

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Judy said...

i usually trample the path to the back yard for the dogs, and the compost. If I shuffle my feet a couple of times to the compost bin and back, it is not too bad. I just cannot shovel, and that is that...