Monday, January 21, 2013

TIAS 2013 - Day 4

OMGG I think this TIAS this year will try my patience!!!  LOL!

See it was absolute torture for me to do the split chains (still not sure I got it down pat) and then this Day 4 introduces the Catherine Wheel Join.  Well after doing about a half dozen I realize I MISSED ONE JOIN and much "rippits" and "redos" again.  So finally I can say I got this baby down pat and it sure does make the joins look lovely and smooth.
BUTTTT I still do not have a clue what this will be.  I still agree with one of the tatters that it may be a tea cup, but then again another said we've just started and there will be may surprises ahead!!!  All I know is leave it up to Jane to keep us guessing!!!

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