Saturday, October 20, 2012

Moving Saga

OK I definitely am seeing the light at the end of this annoying tunnel of work!!! 

So this morning I started by dropping off another two boxes at Valu Village before opening up for the Aurora Quilters at the church then rushing home and moving some more stuff before my much appreciated helpers arrived.

Today with much THANKS to Angela and Bruce my three ceiling fans have been removed and the original light fixtures (I cleaned them first) restored to the ceilings.  Now Angela and Bruce both thought that they'd have time to do the reverse in my new apartment but much to Bruce's dismay he had to run out for some supplies that were needed before doing the restoring part.  So for sure the fans are out and he'll come down another day and put them into my new apartment.  I OWE him big time for filling in on the crunch!

Then after they left some three hours later, but mucho more knowledgeable of what is required for the next setup, I went and hauled another load upstairs and then three more boxes to Valu Village before closing up the Church after the quilters gathering.  Then did some banking for the Quilters before heading back to the apartment to haul another load upstairs along with my AC and golf clubs up to the new locker and lo and behold they all fit in there nicely and some room to spare.  I think I'll set up some shelving in there so my binders can go upwards instead of wasting space, then maybe my luggage can also go in there!!!  Would be nice.

Now the moving saga is not enough, no Rose Anne has to take on house/cat sitting too BUT thankfully that makes me STOP by supper so I can go and feed McDuff and then put my feet up and relax some for a change.  I'm hoping he'll come and cuddle some today as yesterday he was a bit standoffish.

So tomorrow will be hopefully the last of the hauling upstairs and starting on the cleaning.  I'm not sure that I'll get out of there for the 24th, but then the caretaker said they won't be painting in there before the end of the month (hasn't been painted in 17 years - YIKES) so guess I can finish up the 29th/30th if need too.  BUT I'm hoping not to!  I need to get into my new apartment and start unpacking as it's way too MESSY!!!  Guess I'm darned lucky that they painted my suite before I moved in!!!  PHEW!!!

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