Sunday, October 21, 2012

Moving Saga - It's CLOSE!

OH MY my poor body does not know what has hit it with all this purging, packing, moving, cleaning business!!! 

TODAY, I did totally clean inside, outside and from behind both the stove and fridge - YEAH!!!  It wasn't as bad as I had thought so that is very good and even washed the kitchen floor, BUT I did not get the bathroom done.  OH well I did take up two more loads and even found two boxes of old recipes in the closet which went straight out the trash along with the bag of garbage too.  I only have weird odd things like the ironing board, mirror, corner table and naturally all cleaning supplies (still need them here though) to take up.  I do have two cupboards of cake decorating items to sort through and take some to the potential buyers interested in this and the rest to take pics of and post on Kiji one of these days. 

YEP that baby is just about all empty - waiting for the final vaccum and the washing of floors!!!  It's been a long painful journey with only me doing 75% of it myself and after work hours too.  YEAH!!!

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