Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ireland Trip Update

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!  I now have a roommate and not only is she my sister but a very dear friend too!!!  I initiated her into quilt retreats a while back on a road trip to Alberta to the Western Retreat.  She liked it but wanted to stay closer to home so we've been going to local quilt retreats a few times a year and she LOVES them!  NOW she's coming with me to IRELAND and taking in their International Quilt Show there!  WOW WEE!!!

It's not too late to have your own Irish quilting experience.

I received this notice from my girlfriend, Dale Anne Potter, of an upcoming trip June 5th-14th, 2013 to IRELAND and it also includes the International Quilt Show of Ireland!!! 

Here are the links etc. OR     This is for a total cost based on double occupancy of $2,535 US (insurance and flight extra).   Now CQing friends don't fret I've not forgotten my trip to Australia/New Zealand, it's just that I can't go for that time length without first retiring.  My travel agent suggested going in April/May so it is being delayed to 2014 when I'm finally free of my job.  The above trip is only 2-3 weeks vacation time which will include visiting with my Irish girlfriend in Toronto afterwards!  YEAH two trips at once.

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