Friday, April 27, 2012

Good Bye Martin!

Boy life sure is not fair! 

See last fall Martin, one of our Aurora Quilters, had chest/breathing problems and by Christmas was diagnosed with lung cancer (a non-smoker)!  Surgery was not an option and I'm so glad that our group got together and made him a comfort quilt to help keep him warm!  Jeanette (his loving wife) informed us that Wednesday morning, April 18th, Martin passed away in the hospital.  Definitely too young!  He is so sadly missed by his fellow quilters as I'm sure by his family and friends!

There were a few of us who attended Martin’s Celebration of Life and it was lovely to peruse the Storyboard Jeanette had prepared.  Also what a lovely touch to see the two quilts (Aurora Quilters and Victorian Quilts) made for Martin gracing the alter where his urn, flowers and stuffed animals rested.  Jeanette looked lovely, teary eyed naturally on occasions, but she wore the dress Martin loved most – her final party for him - what he wanted! 

Good bye dear friend!  You will be missed by many!

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Linda Mullen said...

What a touching souvenir of him. I remember him and his wife quilting together, it was touching to see them have this common hobby. Jeanette, if you are reading this, you have my deepest sympathies.

Rose Anne is right, life is not fair sometimes.