Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catch UP

OK I'm not sure if I've posted some of these pictures so here goes!

March was house/pet sitting time - kinda bad timing as Len (my sister Sylvia's hubby) was called in for his back surgery and was in the hospital here March 22nd through to the 30th.  He's doing good and today walking much better with a cane in their daughter's home than the walker.  Hopefully he'll be doing better yet before they finally head for home next week - just in time for more Dr appts in Dryden then back into Winnipeg again beginning of May for more appts and a quilt retreat for Sylvia & I.  They should be collecting frequent "driving" miles!!!  It's been nothing but long distance driving for them either east to Thunder Bay or west to Winnipeg!!!

Anyways here is McDuff who after a couple of days took a real shine to me and allowed me to even groom him which sure helped with removing some excess loose long hair. 

Then spring break week I moved over to the second house and this time I could not resist taking pictures of the wall unit climber Simba, who even thought about jumping down onto the window seat after some invisible bug!!!  I sure hope that TV is anchored down as it sure takes a beating as the midway point to his favourite perch!!!

And here is Mary working on her bobbin lace making me a butterfly during our Northern Lights Lacemakers gathering on the 25th (last Sunday of most months).  I can't believe the number of bobbins this baby is needing, but I know it'll be beautiful!  Just not sure what I'll make with it!

OK I think I've blogged about my disappearing 9-patch blocks quilt and Sylvia and Pat had helped plan out the layout so one of these days I'll stitch those up and decide on borders.  So now my next crazy patch project - the About Seams blocks with my starter seam treatment!  I even used my Carole Samples template #20a and can't believe how even my stitches are with this baby!!!
All About Seams DYOB RR
World Wide Crazy Quilters
"CQ Shapes Sampler"

I've one more step to do with these pictures and then I can finish off the booklet that goes with these blocks and the mailout date is May 1st.  Guess with all that has been going on I managed to finish off most items I'd planned to do.  Now to get some much needed R&R and regroup!!!

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