Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sew It Up DYOB - Peggy's

OH yes I did pick up my blocks back from this swap on Friday but as yet have not taken pictures to blog - BUT I can tell you I am very very very pleased with the creativity these ladies embellished with.  Thank you.

Now I finally finished my last RR block along with the group block for Peggy and today they will be winging their way home for her to assemble at her leisure.

So first off I tatted an edging and added to the yarn covered button in the centre patch of the group block.  I thought it needed some browns to bring out the button spools - hope I'm right!

Then I tackled the remaining block which was a challenge as it had THREE patches of pink and that causes me grief.  Now I'm slowly getting over this mental block happening but it's still there.  LOL!

So I started with the easy part - covering the thread on the spools with floss (yes I used a hoop but still have tension problems - SORRY!) then moved onto the half wheel seam treatment, and the needle threader (using the raised fishbone stitch), left over thread from the Colonial knots on the needle and a few scattered pins as fillers.  Then I added those roses trim and moved onto the yellow patch for green embroidered vines with SRE leaves and my funky beaded flowers.  Now to tackle more pink!!!  I needed to cover them up and found this purple ric rac, threaded it through this lovely silver buckle and cretan stitched in place with beads.  Yep that worked!

Then I was looking through my sewing notions fabrics and came across this white one with an appropriate saying and proceeded to stitch on a circle holding straight pins.  Some are in some are on their way to be used and some are scattered around.  NOW I'm happy with the pink showing!  LOL!

I saved my favourite patch for the last and embellished the printed pincushion and added a pair of scissors to finish it off.  The two seams just got some basic slanted buttonhole and herringbone embroidery with Japanese Buttonhole Twist. 

I sure hope you like your blocks and I can't wait to see the whole groups' sewing machine covers completed!!!  But I personally won't be able to work on mine until summer probably.  Just too much on my plate getting ready for the guild's quilt show mid-April.

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Judy said...

You never have been a fan of pink, have you? I think you are doing a great job with it, though!!