Monday, January 09, 2012

Supper with the LC Gals

Yeppers the ex-Lewiscraft employees still get together for the occassional supper and/or craft session.  This time is was a potluck supper at Michelle's which is still in full Christmas regala - being of Ukrainian decent.  I just love their various decorations and now with a grandson I'm sure it was the highlight of the season to see his enjoyment checking everything out.

OK we missed Georgina, Audrey (G & Ps Mom) and Mary Grace this time around but still we had a lovely time visiting and awesome food for supper and dessert!!!  Here's some pictures of the evening together.  Thank you Michelle for the pictures!!!

Yes, a real tree too!

Lovely centrepiece that Pat & I attempted
to pop out the snowflake cuts for Michelle.

Well Michelle asked if I had show n tell!!!

"A work of art!" - Michelle.
I love the artzy framing!


Karen and Michelle.
Thanks Pat for the distraction!

Amy Jean and me with last minute preparations.

Amy's gourmet Potato Pie

See I said it was lovely!!!

Awesome salad, potato pie, and meatloaf.
We had a cheese, cranberry n nut spread
with crackers for appetizers with
pumpkin pie n whipped cream for dessert.

Yes it was all awesome and by 10:30 pm I was sooooooo tired I just had head home.  On the drive to take the gals home I was yawning most of the way.  Well by the time I got home (not that long as most were in my area), carted the bags upstairs and remade my bed I was BOING WIDE AWAKE!!!  Dang it!!!  So I sat up stitching on the blocks (which I didn't while visiting - quite the change for me) and watching reruns of the evenings hockey games, then the Gander movie and before I knew it it was 4:30 am - definitely sleep time! 

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