Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 – A Different Experience - Part 2

Thank you to Tami, who very kindly lent us many of her DVDs for our evenings’ entertainment and Florence for her lovely music selection, as there was no TV reception NOR Internet access – I was panicking of being away from my precious emails for FOUR DAYS, but you know what, I survived just wonderfully. Thanks to Florence’s easy going ways and a job she brought out for me to cut the borders for a quilting project AND I actually FINISHED stitching the binding on the TWO quilts – WOW!!! Yep they’d been sitting at home for ages awaiting some TLC from me and this getaway got that accomplished. Florence worked on sorting out her pieces for her Moose project but didn’t really work on it. She just enjoyed relaxing while there which was just fine – we both did that.

Christmas Day was so strange – it was so quiet out there and I mentioned that many a time!!! After breakfast we opened our gifts to each other and relaxed a bit. Then we got dressed and yes I took my winter attire with me and ENJOYED being outdoors for an hour or so and we walked part of the High Lake Trail – well groomed. We didn’t see any wildlife but saw the sauna but did not partake in that activity. Upon return I helped Florence with a quilting project and we just relaxed while our special supper was roasting!!! It was just SCRUMPTIOUS (thank you so much) and it wasn’t just because of the outdoors and increased appetites either!!! Evenings were spent relaxing listening to music, watching DVDs and the fire, that is when it was kept going – talk about a finicky thing!!! Finally I got the hang of making it Tepee style of wood pieces and rolled up paper underneath to get it going and trying to keep it going!!!

Boxing Day we decided to try and find the short Sunshine Trail – supposed to be only 2 kms so quite doable for us inexperienced hikers! OK we asked a few people around and finally found ONE person who sort of knew and told us that trail has not been groomed but the path is still visible. (did Rose Anne check at the office for a trail map – NO – and there was no such thing in our Informational binder at the cabin either) SO there we set off across the marsh like area – tricky to trek over for Florence and then up the ski slope (faced the sun so was quite bare in places) with a couple of laughing resting episodes - I’d say 3/4s of the way and off to the side to the rocky Look Out area. AWESOME.

Ooooops, no slipping!

Taking a breather!

See not much snow at all on this slope!
Our cabins on the left hand point

Opposite side ski slope - functional.

Across the lake to Falcon Lake Community

Then it was time to continue and return for a much needed rest we thought, BUT Florence did not want to go DOWN the way we came up. HMMM! So I looked around to see if I could spot a TRAIL, not really, but I finally saw a sign that pointed and noted TRAIL – that’s where we headed. After a bit it was we found a kinda groomed trail and definitely going downwards. “Now Norma you know I don’t do well in the bush when lost, so bare this in mind!”  After a while it narrowed some but you could still see it was a path so we continued downwards – our thoughts were towards the lakeshore for an EVEN final walk to the cabin! Hmmmmm no visible path in sight – what to do? I suggested going back following our footsteps – nope not appealing to Florence at all. So she rested and I trekked around to see if I could find anything – thank GOD it was early afternoon and lots of light in the bush – and finally I found animal footprints (not sure what) so called and we followed them downwards again but trying to avoid the branches – getting thicker now. Then ZIPPO no tracks – whatever it was was just airlifted out??? So again Florence stayed put and I ventured a bit and this time came across a semi circle of human steps, again we set out but followed the downward steps. YEP you guessed it, they too just disappeared, totally WEIRD and I was getting spooked – but didn’t say such out loud! Now by this time the terrain was getting rougher and at times you needed to grab at branches for support – but not dead ones like I did and down I went, nope didn’t hurt myself. I was sure we were getting closer to the lake and tried to find the easiest way and FINALLY there was the lake through the trees!!! BUT first a slightly steeper slope but there were tree roots for makeshift steps, except Florence missed one and down she sat – laughing!!! So I went upwards some to help her down but she decided to BUM it down instead. What a chuckle we had but my stomach muscles were aching.

Ohhhh, that was not to happen!

It's easier sliding down on the bum!

So now we were FINALLY out of the bush but where the heck we were on that lake was another story. I decided we head left hopefully around the point we’d see either our cabins or across the lake the community of Falcon Lake and that would be my landmark. We came across a wet snowy patch and quickly traversed it and continued onwards coming across clear patches where you could see the cracks going down I’d say a good 10 inches so I then felt confident we would be OK walking on it. Heck there were all terrain vehicles, skidoos, XC skiers and hikers using the lake so why I doubted it was safe I don’t know!!!  FINALLY we rounded the point and there to the left was the ski chalet/hills and ahead our CABIN and to the right the two islands and further right Falcon Lake – Hallelujah we made it out, now just to cross the lake for a much needed REST. Florence suggested the hot tub first and I totally agreed, BUT first we had the dock and one more hill to climb – Ohhhhh my poor aching back and knees and Florence said her knees were hurting too! Sorry for leading you astray and in the bush yet!!! 

Yep a far walk back!

I don’t think she’ll be following me into the BUSH again!!! Heck neither will I do such again!!! A well groomed trail with a map for this girl in the future.

. . . stay tuned for Part 3 . . .

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