Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Niece's Renovations!

Okay I still can't figure out this new blogger update and I hate it!  Wonder if I can go back to how it was???  YES, I will give it some time and see if I can adjust!!!

Anyways, here are the new pics I took today of Pat & Randy's new "home" and yes it's a home now, not just a shell, or close to be house, but actually it is so close to finished that it definitely feels like a home again!!!  It's been a rough couple of years there abouts and I'm sure lots or hard work but it's looking GREAT!!!  Soon Randy you will be able to relax before something else needs your attention!

Here's the living room from the entrance and the tree is up and decorated - WOW!!!  And there's lots of room around it too!

And Belle's bed is right there so she can see what is going on keeping tabs on all!  She can't allow any fallen scraps to escape her attention!

Here's a pic of the dining into the living room from the old part of the original house - standing where the "bathroom" used to be and now it's a fair sized open area around the open basement stairs.

Talk about an awesome dining room ensemble and they got it free from Pat's co-workers and that little nook is just perfect for the china cabinet.  On the opposite wall is their master bedroom and it's the opposite - has two nooks on either side of the bed - neato - not quite finished there yet!

Here's the dining room (patio French doors to a missing deck yet to be reassembled) with built in pantry looking into the kitchen - Sylvia doing something!

The north wall of kitchen overlooking the stairway to the basement and open view of most of the house.

Yep it's my kitchen but others can cook - no problem there!!!  Nah that's not what she was saying but chatting with Amanda when I snapped the pic.  They still have the large window over the sink which I liked just new windows.

This is from the open area looking into the old living room which is now the den or Pat's sewing studio.  Yes that's a bed in the middle but only visible when needed.  See it's a Murphy bed and hinges up into a cupboard - which I've yet to see the finished look.  This room has a single French door to allow some privacy and keep the pets out too when companies over.  Sorry Belle and Angel!

Now in that open area between the basement stairs and the entrance to the den/studio there is a nook backing the kitchen and here sits an antique hutch which proudly shows off Pat's Christmas Village and Byran's/Keirnan's recently made gingerbread house which he's real proud of and probably can't wait for Christmas when they can dive into those jelly beans, jujubes and other goodies on it.  Even I was tempted to sneak a couple of pieces but resisted cause I know he'd have been upset!!!  Nice job boys!!!

And last but definitely not least is Grandpa (my brother-in-law) who has become Belle's new found friend - he must be sneaking her extra treats!!! 

Yep, it's sure looking more and more like home and basically the around the edges finishing here and there to finish off!  I LOVE the new bathroom too - more pics to follow when bedrooms are finished too.  Way to go Pat and Randy (and helpers too)!!!


Linda Mullen said...

LOVELY. Merry Christmas everyone xoxoxox

Linda Mullen said...

PS: I hate the way Blogger does things too now.